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Welcome to Hanna Kraambureau

Specialized in maternity care at a professional high level

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"The best maternity care in your region"

We distinguish ourselves by really providing 1 on 1 care, our maternity nurses are trained up to date and take the time for all our  clients

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Hanna Maternity Office especially for you

Are you pregnant? We at Hanna Kraambureau congratulate you. You are going to have an exciting time, whether it's your first or second child  is, we are with you!  

Hanna Kraambureau stands for quality in care, we achieve this with a well-trained maternity nurse that you can trust, the caged period brings a lot with it, so we make sure that you lack nothing.  

With more than 24  years of experience in maternity care, we ensure a perfect start for your new family.

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Our view on maternity care

Because we are a small maternity agency, communication lines are short. We choose to remain small, because we believe that this allows us to do just that little bit extra for the client. We attach great importance to your personal wishes. Everything is negotiable, make your wishes known and we will look at the possibilities together. Your wishes are central!

What is maternity care

The maternity nurse assists the midwife during the birth of your baby and supports you and your partner where necessary. In the first week after the birth, she can be a sympathetic ear when processing the birth and she takes care of you and your baby. She also guides you in feeding the baby.

Answer and advice

Do you have questions about getting pregnant, your pregnancy, delivery and maternity period? Hanna Kraamzorg is happy to give you an answer and advice!

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More than just maternity care

In brief

Maternity care

Maternity care at Hanna Maternity Agency  is given with great care, love and devotion to the newborn and the parents.



We provide delivery assistance at your home and hospital. We assist the midwife during the delivery

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Dunstan baby language

Dunstan Baby Language: Your Newborn Baby's Secret Language

All newborn babies make 5 reflex sounds to indicate their needs. A sound for hunger, tired, a burp that bothers, colic and discomfort.

Moeder lachend met pasgeboren baby

Baby massage

With the Shantala Baby Massage, your newborn will feel welcome. This massage provides a relaxed feeling of security and confidence.

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